Speaker, Author, Trainer, & Networking Coach!

What can happen when two people connect over an organic conversation, learn about each other’s pain points, and take next steps to develop opportunities? Networking. There is an invaluable quality in being able to offer a solution for an unknown or known, future problem. My passion is plugging people in to the power of networking.

After attending numerous networking events seeking resources and services to grow my business it was clear that many were not hitting the mark. People needed help navigating conversation--from saying “hello” to ensuring that the relationship didn’t start and end in the moment. I help people WIN through strategic network development. My focus led me to develop a platform that would give entrepreneurs access to resources and services for business growth. I know that when we help one person WIN, we are investing in the bank that makes all of us WIN.

As a sales professional with 20+ years of experience, I have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to master the skills to develop relationships, build, and create and monetize opportunities that results in residual income through plugging into the power of networking. I have worked alongside some of the most influential, multi-million dollar leaders in network marketing industries--and I’m not done yet.

Through my ability to lead, build, promote growth, and business success, I have illustrated how I am committed to creating a global platform to inspire, empower, encourage, and educate entrepreneurs to WIN. 

I share many of my tried and true networking tips and strategies in my new e-book, “Get On The List”--a detailed and comprehensive guide on how to build a prospecting list for Network Marketers. www.getonthelist.net.

I am the founder of multiple networking communities, focused on serving and supporting women, in six different locations across the United States of America. These networking communities include: Conversation Over Coffee, ATL Web, WIN, and Uconnetit (a ladies’ networking platform that focuses on building relationships through conversations). Uconnetit is a platform has been proven to help women leverage opportunities in everything from authors, podcaster, starting businesses to becoming successful business owners, and increasing revenue. The group has a host of women who showcase their skills as profitable business coaches, consultants, speakers, and world travelers.

In addition to my network growth work, I have served as co-host for networking group discussions and am frequently sought-out as a guest speaker for podcasts and other speaking engagements. 

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